Tubolight Wheels Bundle


Buy your Tubolight Insert Bundle!
In this Bundle you’ll buy 2 Tubolight inserts and two tubeless valves.

If you need two different sizes please write it in the Checkout.

*ROAD Size doesn’t include the Valve.

NEW ML SIZE: 46mm, 80 grams (29″): Blue color. Sized around i30 rims, it features a stronger and harder compound to withstand harsh impacts and longer lifespan. Its best application is enduro and downhill, but can be used on the rear on cross country if inner rim width is above 27mm.


With every purchase, 40€ (20€ for the road size) are devolved to “Giorgia Libero Onlus” to help the Padua Hospital during the COVID-19 emergency.
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With more than 30 professional athletes in just two months, Tubolight is the fastest growing tire insert in XC and DH World cup. Our “small record” is that no-one who tested Tubolight, then preferred inserts from other brands.

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ROAD, Cx 700c, S 700C/29", S 27,5", S 26", M 29", M 27,5", M 26", ML 29", ML 27,5", ML 26", L 29", L 27,5", L 26", XL 27,5", XL 26"