Tubolight EVO

Since its first introduction, Tubolight proved to be the winningest tire insert and the only one winning in all disciplines.

We spent one entire year with world’s best athletes, testing different solutions of sizes and compounds, looking for the best combination between flat protection, speed, shock absorbtion, stability and weight.
We all know, the two main reasons why tire inserts exist are to the protect from pinch flats and improve ride quality. With the new Tubolight, a new standard is reached.


Tubolight is the tire insert available in multiple sizes for many applications:

: 23c-28c tubeless road tires. Designed as a safety device, to avoid the tire to jump off the rim after a flat. Does not provide riding advantages.
Weight: 11 grams.

CX: for cyclocross and gravel tires from 30c to 37c. Particularly suited for cyclocross racers looking for the lowest tire pressure without burping.
Weight: 16 grams.

S: 38c to 45c gravel tires. Slightly higher density, suited for the typical gravel use.
Weight: 23 grams.

M: our best selling size, is the lightest mtb tire insert in the world, yet maintaining great protection and durability.
Best suited for cross country and marathon on rims up to 32mm of overall width.

Weight: 44 grams.