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The fastest and lightest inner tire insert

The world’s fastest and lightest inner tire insert

Developed in Italy from racers’ requests. Extremely low density PE compound (16kg/m3) .

Patented air and sealant flow channel ➜ fine pressure reading without dedicated valves.

Top Features


Tubolight is the lightest tire insert in the world.


Thanks to the damping properties, the tire has little to no rebound, allowing for much higher traction in every situations.


Even at extremely low pressure, lateral tire roll is absent and the bike is more responsive.

Tire Burp

Tubolight sits very tight on the rim, securing beads and thus eliminating the risk of tire burps.

Flat Protection

Due to the hard compound and the high volume, the protection from pinch flats is outstanding.

Rim Protection

Rim protection is guaranteed in every situation.


By far the best performing insert in case of flats, allowing for the minimum performance loss and complete rim protection. Leave at home every tire repair kit!


Always use your race wheel set, riding feeling remains the same from training to race day.



10 grams (700c). Tubeless road tires. Designed as a safety device, prevents the tire to jump off the rim in case of flats.


26mm, 17 grams (700c). Tubeless cyclocross tires. Designed to be ridden on muddy or sandy situations, when the lowest possible tire inflation is needed.


GRAVEL / MTB MARROW 32mm, 23 grams (29"). Tubeless gravel tires from 38c to 45c.


42mm, 44 grams (29”).


52mm, 65 grams (29”).


61mm, 106 grams (650B). 2.80”. E-bike specific.

*every size available in all wheel diameters

Choosing the right size between 32mm, 42mm and 52mm:

Nowadays rims have become wider and even cross country tires have reached sizes up to 2.40”, so the choice between sizes is more based on different needs than on tire size. Also, since gravity tires and most 2.60” tires have thicker casings and treads than lighter cross country tires, inner tire volume is comparable.

The 32mm size, thanks to it’s lightness and moderate influence on the tire, is suited for everyone who prefers the feeling of an air-inflated tire, but still needs protection from pinch flats and tire burps.

Rim protection and runflat performance are not comparable to bigger sizes, yet remain higher than devices weighting twice as much.

Best applications: Marathon, fast Cross Country, Stage Races, trail.

This size is well suited for Marathon, because of its very light weight.

It can’t be mounted on rims wider than 35mm (external width), as rim protection would be limited.

The 42mm size gives the right balance between support, protection and weight.

Best applications: all-round Cross country, technical Marathon, trail, enduro and downhill.

This is the go-to size on all tires between 2.00” and 2.30”, paired with rims between 23mm and 30mm.

For gravity, this size can be used if a rider prefers less lateral support, especially when mounted on stiff downhill casings.

The 52mm size size is best suited for aggressive riding or very rough terrain, as it gives better stability, better protection, better runflat performance.

Best applications: world cup level Cross Country racing, Enduro, Downhill, semi-plus.

For wide rims and tires between 2.30” and 2.50”, this size is always suggested, at least on the rear tire.

For 2.60” tires, the 52mm size is suggested both in the front and rear tire.

Different tire manufacturers may measure tire size differently, so please measure the effective width and height of a tire to be sure Tubolight size is right.

The 52mm size for cross-country usage is custom made only, as it needs precise measurements of rim shape to perform correctly. Internal rim width must be at least of 28mm and only some tires can be used.


Tubolight is the winningest tire insert in 2019 world cup, and the only one winning in both downhill and cross-country.

Our Mission

Tubolight is the fastest growing tire insert in XC and DH World cup. Our “small record” is that no-one who tested Tubolight, then preferred inserts from other brands. For ethical reasons, we’re not looking to E-bike teams, while a support to teams focused on young athletes is always welcome.

Thibaut Daprela - Commencal vallnord - World Cup winner


Is Tubolight what you need? Watch the video!

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The most frequent Questions and the Answers about Tubolight.

Many say a tubular shape is not the best for an inner tire insert, and I completely agree.

The fact is, once fitted on the rim, Tubolight takes the shape of the rim in the lower part, and an elliptical shape on the top.

This leads density of the material to become progressive, higher on the bottom, where the insert needs to secure tire beads and stabilize sidewalls, and lower on the top, for smoother shock absorption.

Compared to pre-shaped inserts, Tubolight compresses tire beads and sidewalls much stronger.

Furthermore, during installation there’s no need to “center” the insert onto the rim, once fitted it remains straight and falls inside tire beads.

Once mounted, let Tubolight sit overnight at slightly higher pressure than usual, in order to properly get the right shape.

Although lighter tires can be used, we don’t suggest the use of them.

Other manufacturers will suggest it, because they produce very heavy devices which compromise bike handling and speed. But, the result will be a lower overall flat protection compared to a heavier tire without any tire insert.

We prefer additional protection with minimum weight penalty, and that’s the reason why Tubolight gives the best overall protection/weight ratio.

Durability is affected by many factors, including size to inner tire volume, usual tire pressure, and runflat rides.
Tubolight is completely waterproof, doesn’t absorb sealant and keeps its performance even when slightly damaged or compressed.
There’s no risk to damage the insert when using tire plugs.
On hard usage, expect Tubolight to last as long as a medium compound tire.

Yes, Tubolight is compatible with all sealants.

Tire inflation is subjective and depends from many factors (tire size, casing suppleness, rim width, riding style etc..).

For this reason, it’s useless to give inflation suggestions, everyone needs to find HIS preferred inflation on different situations.


Tubolight is one of the youngest and smallest companies in cycling world, and production is very limited. Anyway, our goal is to slowly grow and make Tubolight available all over the world.

If you are interested in selling Tubolight or becoming distributor